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In the mood to read something short and sweet?

I’ve got options for you, in both fantasy & fantasy romance flavors.

Aspen: A Stray Spirit Short Story

Fifty years before the events of The Stray Spirit, Aspen is a forest spirit like any other—silent, nameless, and happily asleep in their grove.

But when a little girl named Addie sits under their tree to read a book, Aspen discovers that waking up is a double-edged sword.

Aspen is a light 4,000-word story all about the forest spirit’s origins.

Aimless Riffs: Exploratory Drabbles for The Stray Spirit

While writingThe Stray Spirit, I also wrote several drabbles and short stories to help explore the characters and their interactions, both pre- and post-book events.

Aimless Riffs is a fluffy 3,000-word collection of those snippets, focused mainly on Emry, his family, and his friends before the events of the book. (Though you may catch a glimpse of everyone’s favorite forest spirit toward the end!)

It’s a quick, easy read to ease you into the world of The Stray Spirit.

Drips & Drabs: Exploratory Drabbles for A Rival Most Vial

Before starting my fantasy romance novel A Rival Most Vial, I wrote several drabbles and snippets of conversations, mainly to get a sense of the main characters’ cadences and relationships.

Drips & Drabs is a 4,000-word compilation of those drabbles (ha, get it?). It’s fluffy, it’s sweet, it’s got Ambrose and Eli slowly developing crushes on each other. What more could you need?

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