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In the mood to read something short and sweet?

Lutesong Short Stories:

Key Change

A month after Emry saves the day at Dawnstone, he finds himself recovering at home, surrounded by family and friends he hasn’t seen in three years. The town is eager for him to resume his old post on the local stage—but after his past failures, can he bring himself to pick up a lute again?


Fifty years before the events of The Stray Spirit, Aspen is a forest spirit like any other—silent, nameless, and happily asleep in their grove.

But when a little girl named Addie sits under their tree to read a book, Aspen discovers that waking up is a double-edged sword.

Aspen is a light short story all about our favorite forest spirit’s origins.

Side Quest Row Stories

A Clash of Cakes and Charms

Famed armorer Sherry loves three things: her forge, her family…and her annual charity bake sale. But when a neighbor sets her charity craft fair for the same day, Sherry’s sweet plans turn sour.

Will the city buy her cupcakes and fund her endangered dragons? Or will her neighbor’s handmade charms lure away her customers? 

Welcome to Potion Con

Bubbling cauldron? Love it. Bubbly people? Not so much.

Young apprentice Ambrose Beake knows everything about potions…except for how to talk to other potioneers.

So, when the annual potion convention rolls into town, he’s both thrilled and riddled with anxiety. Will the chatty crowds be too much for him? Or will he find his people?

In this light-hearted Dungeons & Dragons meets Comic-Con short story, you’ll meet the main character of A Rival Most Vial twelve years before his rival sets up shop across the street.

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